Zalo Web: How to Use Zalo on PC Without Installing Software

I hope you know everything about Zalo. A popular messaging app for Android and iOS with some exciting and great features. Zalo allows you to make calls and let you send text messages using data or WiFi. But, what if you need Zalo for a desktop? Well. Today, in this article, I’m going to explain about the Zalo web and how you can use the Zalo app for PCs.  

Zalo web

What is Zalo Web?

Zalo web is the website version of the Zalo app. You can send messages, make calls to anyone from Zalo using the Zalo app for PC. Interestingly, through the Zalo web, you don’t even need to install the Zalo app on your computer. 

How to Use Zalo Web Without Installation of Software? | Zalo App for PC

Well. If you want to try Zalo on your PC then here are the simple steps you should follow. 

  1. First of all, visit the Zalo web from here to use Zalo online
  2. Once you open the Zalo web version from the above link, you will see two options to login.
  3. Now, click on With QR code zalo web qr code
  4. There you will see the QR code of the Zalo through which you need to scan the code on your mobile phone on the Zalo app to access the Zalo web.
  5. So, all you need to do now is take your Android or iOS smartphone on which the Zalo app is installed.
  6. Open the Zalo app on your phone and on the right corner, you will see the four dots icon  zalo app for pc four dots
  7. Just click on the four dots and now, you need to click on the QR option from the top to scan the Zalo QR code to access the Zalo web. use zalo web scan code
  8. Just scan the Zalo QR code through your Zalo app on mobile and within a few seconds, your desktop will be logged into the Zalo web version. use zalo web by scanning qr code
  9. Boom! You have successfully accessed the Zalo app on your PC. Confirm the Login on your Zalo app on mobile by clicking on the Log In optionzalo app pc login
  10. Now, on the Zalo web, you can also search contacts in your contacts list. To do that, simply type the name on the Search bar. Upon searching the contact, select the contact or friend with whom you want to chat zalo web send message
  11. Now, you can send messages, or images, etc using Zalo on PC or Zalo web.
  12. If you want to send instant messages to your friends using Zalo for PC, then click on the message icon next to the search box. 
  13. From there, you need to type the name of one or more people to send messages on the chat group Zalo.
  14. If you want to change your personal information on the Zalo web you can do that from the simple steps. zalo web edit profile
  15. Just click on the Personal account name on Zalo and from there you can edit or add the Zalo name by clicking the Pen icon zalo web edit name
  16. If you want any of your contact or if you want to find any Zalo contacts then click the Add new option
  17. In the next step, just fill the area code and phone number. Now, hit the Search button to find and add contacts to the list
  18. If you are in a group or friends chat interface, you will get 3 dots on the top right corner through which you can customize some privacy options
  19. Upon clicking the 4 dots, you will get the options to Mark as a friend, not receive notifications from friends, Block friends, Delete contacts,
  20. To go back to the main menu, click on the X icon.
  21. In the next step, if you choose the gear icon then you will get options like Manage files, Feedback, and Logout. Even you get the option of custom Title Settings for Zalo mode on the web  zalo web settings
  22. In the Zalo settings, you have the ability to control the app options.
  23. Using this you can change Chat background, What to show in Contacts list, Suggest mention, Chat options like Delete chat on logout, show mark as read popup, show popup when done a task, show popup when reopen a task, notifications sound on new message, copy excel customization, etc. zalo web edit settings
  24. In the Message section of Settings, you get the option of Preview YouTube, Zing Mp3, SoundCloud in chat windows. Also, you can enable or disable the Typing indicator. An interesting security feature also there through which you can hide conversation by setting the PIN for the private chats. Just click the Set new PIN to set the PIN. zalo web utilities
  25. At last, there is also a Utilities tab, through which you get options like Double click near message to reply, sticker suggestion based on the typed text, and Shortcuts. zalo web utilities

Zalo Web Guide

I hope we explained everything about the Zalo web and how to use the Zalo web on PC using simple steps. The Zalo version of the web is not completely different from the Zalo app. It is similar to the app and allows you to connect to the Zalo web using the Zalo app just like WhatsApp. I hope through the above simple method you can use the Zalo web on your PC without any problems. If you face any problem using the Zalo app for PC or if you have any questions regarding the Zalo web version then feel free to comment in the below comments section. We will try to answer each and every query regarding Zalo.

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