13 Best Thermometer Apps for Android and iOS (FREE)

Thermometer, we all know about it. How many of you remember your childhood days when your mom used to the tip of the thermometer under the tongue?

Well. As we know, Thermometer is an extensively used peripheral for measuring the temperature. It is a device that measures fever or a device that can analyze how cold it is outside in degrees, according to either the Celsius or Fahrenheit system.

best thermometer apps for android ios

Of course, you don’t need to wait for the doctor’s report and you don’t need to waste your time waiting for the temperature degree of your cold or fever as it instantly shows you the result. However, you need to have the thermometer whenever or wherever you go to check the temperature of your body, indoor or outdoor. 

What if an Android app can work like a thermometer? What if an app that shows you the temperature details on your phone? Good to hear, right? Well. We are living in a generation where technology is ruling everything.

Everything we need or everything we wanted to have is at our fingertips through smartphones, and computers. There are several apps on the internet that work like thermometer apps. These will give you the result of your fever temperature on your phone. With these thermometer apps, you don’t even need to have a thermometer everywhere you go. 

Today, in this article, we are going to list 13 apps that will help you to measure the temperature for free using your phone. Here is the list of top 13 best and popular thermometer apps for android and iOS users. These free Android apps will surely help you to get information about the temperature of your location.

Keep in mind that this list of best free thermometer apps is based on user ratings, features, and the number of downloads. You are free to select any other alternative thermometer apps if none of these apps are working for you.

13 Top Thermometer Apps for Android and iOS

1. Real Thermometer

Real Thermometer is the first app that is our list of working thermometer apps. It features a passive infrared sensor that will detect your measure body or object temperature for free. This app is available for both Android and iOS users. You need to use this app within a 3 to 5cm distance from the object or body to make use of the app to know the temperature. The main feature of this free thermometer app is its ability to save the checked temperature anytime anywhere. You don’t even need the internet connection t use this free temperature checker app.

2. Thermometer++

Thermometer++Thermometer++ is one of the trusted thermometer apps on Android and iOS. It’s also the most downloaded and highest rated app on this list that shows the current outdoor temperature, humidity, and pressure based on your location. This app provides the data based on what it receives from the nearest weather stations. The app shows the map inside to choose the location and you have the ability to choose Celsius and Fahrenheit degrees.


3. Smart Thermometer

Smart ThermometerIt’s another temperature app that gives you the result of your body temperature. This easy to use real body temperature app provides you the result of your body temperature through your phone instantly. All you need to enable is the GPS on your phone. It is enough for this best body temperature app to get the data of your body. To get the better result of your body temperature, you can turn on the data connection of your phone. This is one of the best free fever thermometer app for android and iOS.

4. iCelsius

iCelsiusiCelsius is yet another real body thermometer app for Android and iOS smartphones. You don’t need to buy or take the thermometer every time to get the accurate temperature of your body. iCelsius does that job for you. This free fever thermometer app for android and iOS shows the details of the temperature of your body in degree. The highlighting features of this app are graph, zoom, set alarm and also you can save the temperature reading with title and image or add notes. It even allows you to edit documents or notes that you had saved earlier within this app.

5. Body Temperature Info

Body Temperature Info is trusted by several users until now. It uses artificial intelligence that enables it to get the temperature info on your phone. Body Temperature Info app provides you information such as your body temperature, minimum and maximum body temperature range of your body, how to control body temperature, details on body temperature monitoring and normal body temperature values. Overall, Body Temperature Info will improve your knowledge regarding body temperature and is a must-have app on your Android and iOS device.

6. iThermonitor

iThermonitoriThermonitor is the next app in our list of top thermometer apps you can use in 2020. iThermonitor app is one of the popular real body thermometer apps that shows the info of your body temperature on your smartphone. To know the severity of your fever/cold you can use this free app. It also has the Temperature Trend Chart combines temperature chart and fever related events, that help your personal doctor to know your child’s fever progression instantly without any report. It features a 24/7 monitoring service using the iThermonitor sensor. Moreover, it collects temperature data every 4 seconds and develops a temperature chart. The app’s ability to capture your child’s abnormal temperature in real-time can help you take handy actions immediately.

7. Smarttemp

SmarttempThe next app in our list is Smarttemp to know the temperature for free. This free Android and iOS fever check real thermometer app let you track temperatures for each member of your family upon signing up. Also, you can keep checking the temperature history for free through reminders. Its ability to add notes to each temperature reading on the app makes it one of the worthy temperature apps to try.


8. Thermo

ThermoThermo is a free app to check the temperature on the phone. We can say the Thermo app as a pocket temperature measurement app for iOS and Android users. It has the option to measure the current temperature of your body and outside temperature as well. Once you allow the geolocation on your device, it will generate the current local temperature for free. Thus, you have the option to refresh temperature manually to get the temperature details in Celsius and Fahrenheit.

9. Fever Tracker

Fever TrackerFever Tracker is one of the oldest and most popular temperature apps. It works best for simple stuff. You can also use this free fever thermometer app for Android to prank your friends with the fake fever report provided by this app. Serious searchers looking for the real body temperature app may want to look elsewhere. To use this fake fever report app to prank your friends, you need to place your finger on the screen after opening the Fever Tracker app. This app shows like it is analyzing the body temperature and shows you the result within a minute.

10. EasyBBQ

EasyBBQEasyBBQ is a different kind of temperature app for iPhone and Android smartphones. It’s a smart cooking thermometer app with some neat functionality. It lets you connect to a phone through Bluetooth Low Energy and makes your cooking easy. This is a great solution for those situations if you were looking for an app that shows the temperature for cooking. This app displays temperature in real-time and it has six temperature presets that can work at the same time. 8 barbecue foods for options inside the app will make your cooking convenient. Also, it has a timer, temperature alarm, and temperature graph for effective cooking.

11. Digital Thermometer

Digital ThermometerDigital Thermometer is, well, a simple temperature app. It features a user-friendly UI and it isn’t bogged down with a ton of useless features. The app offers free temperature details on the phone for free. The option to choose Celsius and Fahrenheit is one of the underrated features of the app. This app can be even used for your hiking, camping, outdoor activities.

12. Thermometer Free

ThermometerThermometer Free is a popular and somewhat simple temperature measure app. This app is not as powerful as the free temperature measurement apps or some others here. However, this is among the best in all of the mobile. It has a variety of features such as Indoor temperature, outdoor temperature. This app requires an internet connection. Perhaps its most unique feature is its forecast function that gives 7 days overview. All we can say is it is the best temperature measurement app for room temperature checking.

13. Thermometer

HD ThermometerThermometer is the oldest and the last app in our list of the most accurate temperature apps. This app works on the basis of your location (GPS) and gives you real-time data. It can detect the location quickly to display the temperature. The most interesting feature in this app is it comes with various best quality graphical themes (HD) so you can select the best one that fits your needs. The temperature on the app will be displayed in degrees Celsius or Fahrenheit, so you can choose anyone from them. However, this app needs an internet connection to work properly. 

Which is the best temperature apps?

If you’re serious about using your phone for checking the real body temperature, then it is better to avoid them as we can’t guarantee its accuracy. There are literally tons to choose from, and each one has different pros and cons. The good news is that all of them are free, so you can try them to experiment and see which one of them works best. If we missed any of the best body temperature app android and iOS, tell us about them in the comments! 

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